We both noticed recently that our little girl (3 years 3 months) builds her mixed sentences with the verb at the end. So while French vocabulary is dominant, in grammar, German seems to rule. Interesting, isn’t it? An example from tonight: Moi veux lieber Ă  la salon dormir. (Notice also that she still uses “la” […]

We finished our holidays with a few days at my mother’s who is a retired school teacher and takes care to speak a lot with our little girl. They both love looking at books together, and one richly illustrated fairy tale book is a perennial favourite. So there they were, looking at a story, and […]

Ice cream continued

August 24th, 2013

A few days after we returned from our ice cream intensive holiday (see my previous post on the subject), we went to the beach in Normandy and bought an ice cream before heading home. My little girl ordered her cornet of strawberry ice cream and a little plastic spoon all by herself – in German!

I’m coming back

August 20th, 2013

Tonight my little girl and I were doing a puzzle when she had to go to the bathroom. Reminding me not to continue without her, she informed me: “Ma-ya tout de suite wieder.” She amended/added immediately to: “Ma-ya komm wieder.” * In case I hadn’t understood, I suppose. 🙂   * “Ma-ya” is her expression […]

Dimanche est un autre jour

August 20th, 2013

C’est toujours rigolo (au dĂ©but du moins) quand les jeunes enfants mĂ©langent deux mots similaire. Ainsi, le fils d’une amie jouait aux pirates qui vont “Ă  l’ascenseur!” J’ai compris que ma fille Ă©tait arrivĂ©e Ă  cette Ă©tape-lĂ  quand elle commençait Ă  me dire tout ce qu’elle allait faire “dimanche”, alors qu’elle n’a pas encore la […]


August 18th, 2013

My little girl got a balloon on a “stick” today in a big furniture chain store. She waved it around and the balloon half slipped off the stick. My daughter alerted us to this distressing situation with these two consecutive sentences: “Mein Ballon est cassĂ©!” “Ma ballon ist kaputt!” Either case, 50% French, 50% German. […]

An ice cream please

August 17th, 2013

Once more I’ve had proof that kids can learn a language very quickly when they want to. My daughter, who until our recent holiday in Germany had yet to say her first full German sentence, learned within the first few days that to get her ice cream after supper at our hotel, she had to […]


August 2nd, 2013

Notizen aus dem Urlaub: Die Betreuerin im Kids Club spricht kein Französisch, so wird “Moi aussi!” schon mal als “Mausi!” verstanden. Aber das ist o.k. Wenn meine Mausi merkt, dass man sie nicht/falsch versteht, wird sie’s schon anders probieren. “Eis, bitte!” sagt sie ja auch, wenn sie mit “Je veux une glace!” nichts kriegt.

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