While waiting to catch her saying “mommy” again, here’s a recording I made of her babbling away in the bathtub – hence the slightly hollow sound. Towards the end, you’ll also hear her splashing around. Just click on the bathtub:

  She called me mommy last night! I apologise for the (possibly misleading) German title of this post, but the sentence resonates with me in my mother tongue more than it does in its English translation. Funny, that. But let’s get back to the event itself: After a couple of weeks during which I’ve heard […]

What’s in a playpen

May 21st, 2011

You know these little “prisons” whre you put your baby when it starts moving around? They are called “playpen” in English, which makes sense, since the baby will play there (if you put some toys in). In German they are called “Laufstall”, “walking stable”, which makes a lot less sense because that’s exactly what they […]

Following our participation in a research project yesterday (see my previous post), we have been asked if our baby babbles in German or in French. (See also this article on the BBC website with a soundbite comparing the crying of German and French infants.) Here are some recent soundbites from our little girl, judge for yourselves if […]

More research!

May 6th, 2011

Today we took our now ten-months-old girl to the Laboratoire Psychologique de la Perception at Paris V – Descartes University. She got to listen to a two-syllable sound (“ka-ba”) that was pronounced with different stresses, and by German and French native speakers. A light would blink on her left or right, and when she looked […]

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