What did I just read there?

March 22nd, 2017

I haven’t posted in some time. My daughter is now 6¾, and she’s been learning to read in both French and German. The other day, when I suggested she read in front of the camera, she chose one of her Conni books. It was much longer than she’d thought, and we took several breaks. At one point, when she started again, she had real trouble with one word, and the sentence didn’t make any sense:

(The full video of the book will follow shortly – we need to stitch the segments together first!)

Sounding it out

July 18th, 2016

My daughter has just started teaching herself to read (see my previous post), and they’ve worked on syllables and a bit of writing in French (the majority language) in preschool.
On the first day of summer holiday daycare, she came home with a text she had sounded out and written down. In purple, her version, in red, Daddy’s correction:


I can read

July 18th, 2016

I learned to read before I started school. With the preschool year ending and my daughter (who just turned 6) recognising letters and asking us to spell out words for her to write down, but not more, I expected she would learn to read in grade one. But she surprised me:
On the last day of preschool, we picked up the French primer from her school supplies list at a bookstore. On the way home, she started going through it – and reading!
She was still reading when bedtime came around, and she didn’t mind me sitting behind her with the camera running, so here’s proof:

For her 6th birthday party (advanced due to the early start of the school holidays), my daughter invited six classmates – representing a stunning seven nationalities. I was prepared for that, witness the cake:


What I was not prepared for was the guests singing Happy Birthday in not two,  not three, but four languages, thanks to the presence of two kids with a Spanish parent in the class (if not at the party). Daddy was taken by surprise too and only caught the second and third languages on video:

One of the many things in France that are different from Germany are the Ferrero chocolate bars called Duplo™. I’ve always wondered why they made two so very different bars and gave them the same name.
I don’t think I’ve ever bought the French ones; I’m not too fond of whole hazelnuts. The German ones, however, are forever linked to birthday parties in my memory. So when the other day we were shopping for our daughter’s upcoming birthday party, you can imagine my delight as we found, side by side, the picture of l’amitié franco-allemande.
I was delighted to find the German Duplo  (right), while Daddy was happy to see the French ones (left). When we asked our daughter which she wanted for her party, she looked up at us and said, “Both?”


Die große Besonderheit der Felix-Bücher ist, dass die Briefe von Felix in Umschlägen sind und richtig herausgenommen und auseinandergefaltet werden müssen, um zu erfahren, was Felix erlebt. Teil 2 einer Serie:

Neue Briefe von Felix

Autor: Annette Lange
Illustrator: Constanza Droop
Verlag: Coppenrath
ISBN: 978-3815712009

A presentation

April 5th, 2016

Three years ago, almost to the day, I shared a video of my daughter making a speech on the steps of the high school near our house. For some reason, every time we came home from the park, she’d stop there, go up the steps, and hold a speech. That day, I had the camera with me, and filmed her.
Today, we came past the high school again, and when I saw she was ready for another speech, I told her to wait till I had my phone camera ready.

Homophones on the métro

March 31st, 2016

Today, we were on the Métro 7 on our way to school, when my daughter asked at which station we were. I told her, and we looked at the métro map, and I read the names of all the stations we had passed or would pass. One of them is called Place Monge.

Her: “Das ist ein Platz, da wird alles aufgefressen.” (That’s a place where everything is eaten.) The pronunciation of Monge is very close to mange (eat!).


Days of the Week

February 22nd, 2016

I never lose an occasion to try and work on basic German vocabulary – which at age 5½ includes a lot of numbers, days of the week, months of the year, you get the idea. So the other day, when my daughter rightly declared: “Morgen ist Freitag!” (Tomorrow is Friday), I prompted: “Und heute?” (And today?). Her answer: “Heute nicht.” (Today isn’t.)

Wir lieben Bücher. Wir empfehlen gerne Bücher. Und so kamen wir auf die Idee, unsere Lieblingsbücher vorzustellen. Teil 1 einer Serie:

Mit Felix auf großer Deutschlandreise

Autor: Annette Lange
Illustrator: Constanza Droop
Verlag: Coppenrath
ISBN: 978-3815792551

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