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My daughter is very keen on learning English. Since she dropped the after-school English workshop after three years due to conflicting activity schedules, for the past 5½ months I’ve been doing a weekly “English night” with her, mainly playing games, watching singalong videos, and singing nursery rhymes. In order not to confuse her any further, […]

A speech

April 28th, 2018

Near the place where we used to live is a park with a playground. On the way home, we came past a high school. For some reason, my daughter would make a speech on the steps of the high school entrance every time we came past. When she was almost three years old, I filmed […]

A joke in 3 languages

August 30th, 2017

Two days ago, we unintentionally created a joke that you need 3 languages to understand. Here is what happened: My now 7-year-old daughter was practising looking up words in her new German elementary school dictionary. As she was looking for Fledermaus, she came across a word she didn’t know, and asked me: “Flattratte?” It’s a […]

Sounding it out

July 18th, 2016

My daughter has just started teaching herself to read (see my previous post), and they’ve worked on syllables and a bit of writing in French (the majority language) in preschool. On the first day of summer holiday daycare, she came home with a text she had sounded out and written down. In purple, her version, […]

I can read

July 18th, 2016

I learned to read before I started school. With the preschool year ending and my daughter (who just turned 6) recognising letters and asking us to spell out words for her to write down, but not more, I expected she would learn to read in grade one. But she surprised me: On the last day […]

A presentation

April 5th, 2016

Three years ago, almost to the day, I shared a video of my daughter making a speech on the steps of the high school near our house. For some reason, every time we came home from the park, she’d stop there, go up the steps, and hold a speech. That day, I had the camera […]

German Mice

October 4th, 2015

A month ago, our 5-year-old daughter started her final preschool year at a new school, one with a program for native speakers of German. She has one hour of German class each day, and the other week she came home with this cute rhyme:

Interviewing Grandma

July 11th, 2015

After reading a book in which the protagonist interviews various people (with sometimes outlandish questions!) for her school newspaper, and a first experiment of Interviewing Mommy, here is finally the long-awaited, hilarious Interview with Grandma This interview is already two months old, it was made only a few days after our then not-quite-5-year-old girl interviewed […]

I am very much looking forward to our visit with Grandma, because she hasn’t seen my now 5-year-old daughter in a while (3 months, that is). I’d like her to tell me if my impression is right that my daughter’s German skills have improved quite a bit recently. Just tonight, as I came home after […]


May 4th, 2015

Do you know the German prefix “über”? It means “over” and is used in such verbs as überholen (overtake), überhören (overhear), übersehen (overlook), überschreiben (overwrite) – you get the idea. However, it is also used to designate the day after tomorrow. Tomorrow is morgen, the day after tomorrow is übermorgen, and the day after the […]

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