My daughter is very keen on learning English. Since she dropped the after-school English workshop after three years due to conflicting activity schedules, for the past 5½ months I’ve been doing a weekly “English night” with her, mainly playing games, watching singalong videos, and singing nursery rhymes. In order not to confuse her any further, as she’s busy learning spelling and grammar in both French and German at the moment, I left reading and writing for later. Today my daughter forgot her book for transport and latched onto my Canadian newsmagazine on the tail end of our commute home. She tried to read an article on a dispute with China and did quite well on the pronunciation, considering she’d never done this before. (She didn’t understand a word of what she was reading, though.) At home, she asked for Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and insisted on reading the opening scene. Here are the first lines:

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