Work sheet for sight words 1

November 30th, 2017

Now in grade 2, every week my daughter gets a few new sight words to learn in her minority language. When she didn’t seem to understand why she had to learn them, I came up with an idea. I scanned and printed the first page of our illustrated Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone edition […]

Letzten Sonntag hat meine Tochter mich zu einer Theatervorstellung eingeladen. Mich erwartete ein Puppentheater mit der Geschichte “Conni geht zum Zahnarzt”: Autorin: Liane Schneider Illustratorin: Eva Wenzel-Bürger Verlag: Carlsen ISBN: 978-3551085566

I’ve finally read my daughter the first Harry Potter book. I’d been holding back because she wasn’t interested, but I was increasingly worried about spoilers, especially since many of her classmates have older siblings, and they also watch movies in after-school care. But no the time had come at last. A few weeks after we […]

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