I am very much looking forward to our visit with Grandma, because she hasn’t seen my now 5-year-old daughter in a while (3 months, that is). I’d like her to tell me if my impression is right that my daughter’s German skills have improved quite a bit recently. Just tonight, as I came home after picking up our biweekly fruit basket at the market downstairs, she asked why I hadn’t come up and then gone to pick up the basket with her. I said I’d forgotten, and “besides, you’re already in your pyjamas”. “Ich pouvais doch was überziehen.” (I could have put on some clothes over the pyjamas.) The “could” is still in French for some reason (as are a number of apparently specific words), but what impressed me was the “überziehen”. I really need to write such words down, because without any notes, I just have this general impression that her vocabulary is getting more sophisticated. Will try harder.

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