A lot of euros

October 7th, 2014

Two nights ago, I read my 4-year-old daughter a new book from the Conni series (for the second time). Afterwards, she chose the same book for Daddy’s bedtime story. Whenever she chooses a German book for him, he tells the story by the images, which works well for this series. However, some details mentioned in the text obviously won’t be in the pictures, and I always enjoy listening in on how she “corrects” Daddy.
This time it was especially funny. In the story, Conni and her mom were going to a pet shop to get the basic equipment for Conni’s new cat. The picture shows them in the shop, with Conni’s mom inspecting a cat tree. Daddy included the cat tree in the purchases they made, but he was informed that they didn’t buy the cat tree because “il est– zu teuer.” As she couldn’t come up with the French word for “too expensive”, and Daddy didn’t seem to understand her German stand-in, she told him “ça coûte beaucoup d’euros” (it costs a lot of euros).

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