Why “quand”?

April 10th, 2014

When my daughter (now going on 4) starts talking, a missing word is not going to stop her. When I’m the person she’s talking to, she’ll chat away in German and simply slip in a few French words here and there.
I’m trying to make out a patterm, and I’ve noticed a few words are systematically in French (in addition to words she might now know in German yet or that have slipped her mind). One of them is “t’as” for “du hast”, as in “T’as Recht, Mama.” (You’re right, mommy.) Another one is “quand” (when), making for sentences such as “Quand wir bei Oma sind,…” (When we are at granny’s…)

I always want to whip out my MP3 player and record her. Actually, the next time she says “Ich habe eine Idee” (which is generally a signal a long breathless idea is to follow), I might do just that.


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